Dr. Sharma is a Cornell-trained general adult psychiatrist in private practice for over ten years with an emphasis on compassion, academic excellence, and restoring balance to enable you to live a healthier and happier life.

Dr. Sharma can help with mood and anxiety disorders, grief and loss, stress management, work anxiety and burn-out, exposure to traumatic events, marriage and relationship issues, helping to unlock unhealthy patterns and behaviors, and general wellness issues.

Starting Treatment with Dr. Sharma

Seeking out help from a psychiatrist and starting to engage in mental health treatment can be a daunting step. Whether you are thinking about seeking help from a psychiatrist for the first time or are in search of a new provider, it’s important to find the right person. Working with a psychiatrist is like any other relationship. A good ‘fit’ will go a long way.

  • Initial consultation appointments are 60 to 90 minutes in length and include a thorough psychiatric evaluation as well as recommendations for treatment and therapy. Some individuals come in with a clear idea of what they are looking for and others are less sure. Together we can discuss various options and come up with a plan together that makes sense for you.

  • You may be be interested in initiating or continuing mental health treatment, starting therapy with or without medications, starting medications for the first time, or if you are unsure about what you need, this is something that will be discussed in the first session.

  • Follow-up visits are 30 to 45 minutes depending on the customized treatment plan.

To schedule a consultation for the following services, please call 212.888.5035 or book online.


Psychotherapy is a powerful tool to explore your current situation, to get you to a place where you feel happier and more comfortable in your life, to process difficult emotional experiences, and to come to terms with earlier events that may continue to affect you in various ways.

My approach is to draw from principles of psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, mindfulness, and use of analytic concepts and customize based on what you are experiencing.

Medication Management

Medication management is a consideration depending on the severity of symptoms or the type of diagnosis. Often times people come to me after having tried everything - yoga, meditation, exercise, therapy, or holistic care - and nothing has worked. If this sounds like you, we can open up the discussion of medications and explore if this could be the right course of action for you. Medications can be offered in conjunction with therapy with either myself or an outside provider. If you are interested in exploring the idea of starting or continuing medications with or without therapy, we can discuss all of the options in our first session.

Consultations and Crisis Interventions

Dr. Sharma given her previous work in emergency psychiatry background offers crisis consultations for patients, families and their loved ones going through a difficult time and in need of immediate support. Treatment recommendations may include referrals to other levels of care and providers that may be a more appropriate type of care.

Couples Therapy

Most relationships will go through stressful periods and are usually precipitated by profound life changes such as financial stress, parenthood, health issues and loss of loved ones, work stress and more, all of which can culminate in negative dynamics that start to spiral and become maladaptive. Couples therapy can be helpful in breaking negative patterns, learning how to communicate more effectively, actively listening and building a stronger bond within the couple.

Special Areas of Support

Humanitarian Workers & Investigative Journalists

Dr. Sharma has a special interest in supporting humanitarian staff and journalists as they are exposed to trauma and challenging work environments due to her previous work and interest in post-conflict reconstruction and global mental health.

Women’s Mental Health

Dr. Sharma being a mother herself has a particular focus in supporting women of childbearing age who may be trying to conceive, who are pregnant, who are experiencing mental health issues peri- and post-partum, who are transitioning into the workplace after having a child and generally, into family life. She offers short and longer-term support for women and young parents trying to find a harmonious work-life balance given the demands of a New York City career and lifestyle.

Support for Caregivers

Over the years I have met with and supported quite a few family members and partners of those affected by mental illness. Mental illness can take a toll on loved ones, loved ones who often carry a heavy burden and are affected in profound ways. Processing experiences of living with or caring for a family member affected by moderate or severe mental illness, or substance use disorders and getting appropriate support is essential to support the wellbeing of caregivers and family members.

Special Services


Understanding that today’s digital world offers a realm of possibility working and communicating from the comforts of your home and office, Dr. Sharma offers telepsychiatry sessions if you would like to engage in treatment but are unable to travel to Manhattan for every session. For more information, please call our office.

Concierge Service & Home Visits

For existing patients, Dr. Sharma offers a concierge service and home visits. Further information can be discussed in our appointment on the structure and fees.